Best Paper Awards

Every year the Scientific Committee selects the most interesting works, among those presented at the Conference, winners of the Best Paper Awards.

Best Papers of SIIIC Editions:


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(Note: ex aequo awards)

  • “Ownership Matters: How Facility Ownership Impacts Investors’ Reactions to climate hazards” by Flavio De Carolis, Rob Bauer, Dirk Broeders
  • “The market power of ESG-Index providers. The Effects of the Rebalancing of ESG-Themed Indices” by Roberto Barontini, Luigi Gioja
  • “Women on boards: Catalysts of change in banks’ fossil fuel divestment strategies” by Giuseppe Rimo, Simona Cosma, Simona Galletta, Sebastiano Mazzù


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  1. “Investor preferences, financial literacy and intermediary choice towards sustainability” by Maria Gaia Soana, Doriana Cucinelli
  2. “Portfolio Allocation and Optimization with Carbon Offsets. Is it Worth the While?” by Patrick Behr, Carsten Mueller, Papa Orgen
  3. “Executive Ownership and Sustainability Performance” by Gianfranco Gianfrate, Marco Ghitti, Edoardo Reccagni


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  1. “Financial Inclusion and the Gender Gap across Islamic and non-Islamic Countries” by Latifah Baeshen
  2. “The religious fringe of Corporate Social Responsibility” by Andrea Paltrinieri, M. Kabir Hassan, Laura Chiaramonte, Alberto Dreassi, Stefano Piserà
  3. “Collaboration or Community? The impact of the institutional forces in promoting social crowdfunding” by Antonio Minguzzi, Michele Modina, Stefano Filomeni, Marilena Bredice


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  • “Do CSR Practices Lead to Higher Firm Productivity? Evidence from Europe” By Stefano Piserà, Luca Gandullia, Claudia Girardone
  • “The Impact of Sustainability on M&A Transactions” by Hendrik P. Kimmerle
  • “The impact at stake: return and risk in impact investing” by Emanuela Giacomini, Nicoletta Marinelli, Luca Riccetti


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  • “Do ESG strategies enhance bank stability during financial turmoil? Evidence from Europe” by Claudia Girardone, Laura Chiaramonte, Alberto Dreassi, Stefano Piserà
  • “Do GHG emissions impact the cost of debt financing of European large companies?” by Alessandra Caragnano, Massimo Mariani, Fabio Pizzutilo, Marianna Zito
  • “Rethinking The Income Inequality And Financial Development Nexus” by Marta de la Cuesta González, Cristina Ruza, Jose Miguel Rodríguez