Best Paper Awards

Every year the Scientific Committee selects the most interesting works, among those presented at the Conference, winners of the Best Paper Awards.

Best Papers of Past Editions:


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  • “Investor preferences, financial literacy and intermediary choice towards sustainability” by Maria Gaia Soana, Doriana Cucinelli
  • “Portfolio Allocation and Optimization with Carbon Offsets. Is it Worth the While?” by Patrick Behr, Carsten Mueller, Papa Orgen
  • “Executive Ownership and Sustainability Performance” by Gianfranco Gianfrate, Marco Ghitti, Edoardo Reccagni


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  • “Financial Inclusion and the Gender Gap across Islamic and non-Islamic Countries” by Latifah Baeshen
  • “The religious fringe of Corporate Social Responsibility” by Andrea Paltrinieri, M. Kabir Hassan, Laura Chiaramonte, Alberto Dreassi, Stefano Piserà
  • “Collaboration or Community? The impact of the institutional forces in promoting social crowdfunding” by Antonio Minguzzi, Michele Modina, Stefano Filomeni, Marilena Bredice


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  • “Do CSR Practices Lead to Higher Firm Productivity? Evidence from Europe” By Stefano Piserà, Luca Gandullia, Claudia Girardone
  • “The Impact of Sustainability on M&A Transactions” by Hendrik P. Kimmerle
  • “The impact at stake: return and risk in impact investing” by Emanuela Giacomini, Nicoletta Marinelli, Luca Riccetti


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  • “Do ESG strategies enhance bank stability during financial turmoil? Evidence from Europe” by Claudia Girardone, Laura Chiaramonte, Alberto Dreassi, Stefano Piserà
  • “Do GHG emissions impact the cost of debt financing of European large companies?” by Alessandra Caragnano, Massimo Mariani, Fabio Pizzutilo, Marianna Zito
  • “Rethinking The Income Inequality And Financial Development Nexus” by Marta de la Cuesta González, Cristina Ruza, Jose Miguel Rodríguez